Why do I need to sync information with PayPal?

PalProtect enables you to be eligible for PayPal Seller Protection & have a good reputation with PayPal. 

Do I need to open the app to sync tracking & disputes?

No, simply install & forget. Your tracking will be synced automatically

Is PalProtect compatible with others apps?

We are compatible with major apps, as long as the tracking information is present in Shopify’s orders’ page it would be synced.

Will this work on multiple stores with the same PayPal Account?

Yes, the same paypal account can be used on multiple stores. The same PayPal account can be connected to PalProtect through different stores.

Can I cancel subscription at any time?

Yes, you can terminate your subscription anytime with no obligations by simply removing the app from your store.

Orders not showing up?

We currently do not integrate with Checkout X as private apps are not supported by Shopify. Shopify does not allow apps to modify payment gateway, this is why Checkout X is not listed on the App Store. This is also why we do not advertise integration with such apps anywhere.


I changed shipment info, will tracking be updated?

Yes, our app will update the tracking number on PayPal.

What all shippings carriers are supported?

We support all carriers, if your carrier is not listed in Shopify then use the “Other” carrier option while fulfilling the order and enter the tracking number with the tracking url. (Both are must in this case)

Is it able to sync shipping labels?

Yes, shipping labels purchased from Shopify will also be synced with your PayPal account.

The tracking shows synced on the dashboard but it is not showing on the customer account?

After the request has been sent from our side, sometimes PayPal can take a little bit to reflect it in the account.

I sell digital products, how should I send tracking?

Select “Other” carrier and put download link in the tracking number and tracking url.

Unsynced Trackings?

Tracking are unsynced if the order has not been fulfilled or if a dispute opens up for the order.


When will the full version of dispute resolution be released?

January 2021

Do you escalate the dispute as well?

Currently, we send the buyer a message on your behalf to resolve the dispute amicably. We also send PayPal the necessary attachments to review in case of escalation, however you would need to escalate the dispute yourself before the dispute closes.

Will dispute resolution work in all languages?

Currently, disputes are only answered in English.

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